Recent Screenings in Oregon, Texas and Louisiana

12/11/2012 • 9:17pm • Posted By Brian Kelly

During the past few weeks, several organizations across the country have held screenings of InJustice.  We thank everyone for hosting these events, and provide a quick rundown here: 

  • Ashland, Oregon (November 28) — Hosted by the Oregon Taxpayers Association
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana (November 28) - Hosted by the Pelican Institute for Public Policy
  • San Antonio, Texas  (November 27) — Hosted by the Alamo Pachyderm Club
  • Dallas, Texas (November 27) — Hosted by the Greater Dallas Pachyderm Club
Here is a photo of the Dallas Pachyderm Club screening:


Here is a photo of the screening hosted by the Alamo Pachyderm Club:



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