Recent Screenings in Oregon, Texas and Louisiana

12/11/2012 • 9:17pm • Posted By Brian Kelly

During the past few weeks, several organizations across the country have held screenings of InJustice.  We thank everyone for hosting these events, and provide a quick rundown here: 

  • Ashland, Oregon (November 28) — Hosted by the Oregon Taxpayers Association
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana (November 28) - Hosted by the Pelican Institute for Public Policy
  • San Antonio, Texas  (November 27) — Hosted by the Alamo Pachyderm Club
  • Dallas, Texas (November 27) — Hosted by the Greater Dallas Pachyderm Club
Here is a photo of the Dallas Pachyderm Club screening:


Here is a photo of the screening hosted by the Alamo Pachyderm Club:



  • 12/13/2012

    Dennis Schuelke

    You have a film on the subject, I have a new release book of ACTUAL real life examples of how American's are being fleeced by this so-called legal professional lawless class - - my 11 memoir, . . . and it is JUICY! Plus, I have dug in National Archives, obtained documents for proof of how the privileged lawyer class has formed an Oligarchy once again, just like the King of Britain, and now tyrannically control all three branches of the US government - - all against what our founding fathers put forth to prevent this in the original missing 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. And are they out of control? That goes without speaking. Sad, but it is true. And I have the facts. Are you interested? Please contact me at ASAP.
  • 12/20/2012

    Kaliche Kidd

    I finally discovered why you can't 'fight City Hall'. The reason is because there is a national organization - The National League of Cities - that have affiliate offices in each of the fifty states. You may remember the National League of Cities as the primary force behind the Supreme Court's Kelo decision which accepts economic development as a valid "public use" in eminent domain takings. The League's state affiliates offer memberships to municipalities (for a taxpayer paid fee) within the state that they are located. Among the many benefits of being a member municipality is the participation in the League's "Insurance pool". Sounds innocent enough until you find yourself in the position of needing to sue the municipality in civil court. Let's say that you are challenging an annexation decision by a city not far from your rural farmstead. State law allows you to file suit against the municipality to reverse the decision. When you conduct your search for a qualified Municipal Law attorney to represent you in court, you soon find out how the the Municipal League's insurance pool is used AGAINST you as a plaintiff. In my case, most qualified municipal law attorneys have joined the Municipal League's insurance pool as a source of referrals to help build their municipal law case load. As a participating lawyer in the League's insurance pool and as a condition of participating in that pool, they have to agree to obtain the permission of the City that is being sued by your prospective client - provided that City is a member of the Municipal League network (which most Cities are). If that City does not approve of that attorney representing you as a plaintiff against the City, then the municipal lawyer that you are trying to hire will not accept you as a client. Bottom line - you end up either representing yourself in court or you hire a criminal lawyer that is not well versed in municipal law and the City's legal team - most likely a well qualified Municipal Attorney provided by the Municipal League - rips your case apart in the early stages of the suit. Hence, you can't fight City Hall because City Hall controls who you can hire to represent you in court.

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