Film Viewing Agreement

This Agreement between you (as identified in your download registration) and Single Malt Media, LLC (“we” and “us”) constitutes the terms by which you agree to purchase, access, view and use the film, InJustice the Film (the “Film”) from our website, (the “Site”).

Purchase Options.  You may view the Film in one of three ways:  (i) streaming directly from the Site and (ii) one-time download  from the Site or (iii) purchase of a DVD.   You may watch and re-watch the Film as often as you want and as long as you want.   If you plan to download the Film, we encourage you to do so promptly after your purchase.  Once we make the Film available to you, you are responsible for completing the download, if you choose to download, and for all risk of loss of the Film after download.

Purchase Price.  The purchase price for the Film is the price listed on the Site at the time the purchase is made and depends upon the viewing platform you select (streaming, download or DVD).   Where applicable, you are also responsible for paying any sales taxes and shipping and handling fees.

Film Streaming Resolution.  When you stream the Film, whether directly from the Site or upon downloading, the resolution and quality of the Film you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the type of device on which you are streaming the Film and your bandwidth, which may go up and down over the course of your viewing. If streaming the Film directly from our Site to you may be interrupted or may otherwise not play properly due to bandwidth constraints or other factors, we may decrease the resolution and file size of the Film we stream to you in an effort to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience.  While we strive to provide you a high quality viewing experience, we make no guarantee as to the resolution or quality of the Film you will receive when streaming.

Viewing Requirements.  In order to stream, view or download the Film, you will need a personal computer or other media device that meets the system and compatibility requirements as we may establish from time to time.  Your access and ability to view the Film depends on the device manufacturers’ technology and its compatibility with the digital formatting of the Film.  You may encounter difficulty accessing or viewing the Film if your device is not compatible.  Upgrades or changes in either your device or the Film’s digital formatting may also mean that you experience difficulty with previously-compatible devices. 

Film License.   The Film is for your personal, non-commercial private use only.  Upon purchase of the Film and your selection of preferred distribution platform, we grant you a limited, personal, and non-exclusive license to (i) access the Film for streaming on a compatible digital device;  (ii) download a digital copy of the Film to a compatible digital device; or (iii) play the DVD on a home DVD player or comparable digital device.   In all instances, this license of the Film is limited to display on your personal compatible digital device for private, personal viewing.    If you would like to use the Film for any purpose other than for private, personal viewing, you may CONTACT US  and we will be happy to discuss terms for additional licenses.

General Restrictions.  Except as permitted by the Film license, you may not transfer, copy or display the Film for any reason, and specifically, you may not:

i.   display the Film for screenings to community organizations, schools, student or professional groups, clubs, charitable organizations, associations or public screenings, even if you are screening the Film for free.  You may seek permission for public and limited public viewings by contacting us.

ii.    sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sublicense or otherwise assign any right to the Film to any third party;

iii.    distribute the Film by any means, including - but not limited to - peer to peer networks and web-based video sites such as BitTorrent, YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon.

iv.    remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Film;

v.    attempt to disable, bypass, modify, defeat, or otherwise circumvent any digital rights management system used as part of the Site; or,

vi.    use the Film for any commercial or illegal purpose.

We have the right to terminate this Agreement for any violation by you of this Film Viewing Agreement or the Site Terms of Use.